This is, at last, my finished mayan style projective sundial, solar beams goes into the room, facing the south wall and marking the hours, in the semicircle above, you see the mayan numbers, left, before noon and right, after, this picture was taken on the spring equinox, so the beams reach the numbers line, marking 11:45, note the meridian line is marking the noon, of course. The hour in my cosmic room is 12:45 for the mark of noon, the meridian line en the wall. You see an Ipad with real time.


This is my projective sundial markin the meridian, note picture was taken in a diferent day of the photo before, the lines are longer which means the day was closer the summer than winter.


There are another three slides, whish are left beside the sundial, this are almost only ornamental, as the slides are lightly different opening, have a nice light game, explaining in other and posterior section.


Here is the sundial a little after noon, as you can see, the beams falls already in the floor, indicating we are in a date close to the zenithal day. AS you can see, the projective sundialis also a calendar.


This is me, in 2013, please make the necessary adjustment on the date you see th¡s article. At this time I was 57.